Christian recording artist, Scott Logan released an album called, “So Much More” in 2010 which featured two singles that were released to indie and national radio called, “Color” and “Representin’“. In 2015, Logan released two individual self recorded singles called, “More Than Conquerors” and “Beautiful You“. He has toured nationally multiple times and headlined his own small tour following the release of his first album called, “The So Much More Tour” which spanned from March to October 2011. Scott started working with Nashville producer Roger Ryan on a brand new single called, “God Of The Storm” which is due to be released in 2018and he is currently writing new material for another full album.

Early History

Scott Logan grew up in Portland, ME and was always surrounded by music. He started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 12 years old and started regularly performing live concerts at the age of 15. For many years Scott was known as the lead front man and guitar player for the New England band Three Days Down who later became known as New Mercy Morning. Scott recorded two albums with the band called, “Welcome Weary Travelers” and “Grace & Gratitude“.

Nashville Bound

In 2008, after feeling like it was time to move into a full time music career, Scott stepped away from the group to prepare to leave New England and move to Tennessee. In March 2009, Scott went on his first national tour performing new songs he had written as a solo artist.
In July 2009, Scott released his first solo project which was a self titled three song EP featuring the songs, “Representin’“, “Color“, and “There Is A Love“. Scott immediately released “Representin” to national radio through radio promoter, Sammy Palermo. The song became HeirChex’s #2 most downloaded single by radio stations behind Skillet’s song, “Monster” at #1.

So Much More

In 2010, Scott recorded his first full length album at Fire Power Music in Phoenix, AZ. The album was called, “So Much More” and featured the three previous songs from Scott’s 2009 EP, plus seven new songs including, “I Can Hardly Wait” and “My Beloved”. The album was released to all digital retailers and had a limited run of physical CD’s.

In 2011 Scott headlined his own indie tour for the release of his solo album called, “The So Much More Tour“. It featured Scott and special guest acoustic artist, Phil Haymaker. The tour started in March in the Midwest and covered places on the Southeast coast, the Northeast, and ended on the Gulf Coast in New Orleans in October.

Aftertouch Music

In 2013, Scott started to work with Grammy & Dove Award nominated and Juno Award winning producer, Roger Ryan at AfterTouch Music Group. Ryan assisted Logan with artist development as well as produced a single for Logan called, “God of the Storm”. Logan did a crowd funding campaign to raise the money to record the single but unfortunately circumstances arose that held back the release of the single at that time; something that Logan would continue to regret for years.

Taking A Break

In 2015, Scott built a small recording studio of his own in Chattanooga, TN where he recorded and released a single called, “More Than Conquerors” which was a rewritten song from his days in New Mercy Morning. Scott also recorded and released a single called, “Beautiful You“. Neither single was released to radio but instead were released for digital sale.

In summer of 2015, Scott took a hiatus from his music career due to the birth of his daughter, Eliana. At the same time, through various circumstances and changes happening in his life, Scott and his wife Shanon moved back to Maine where Scott stayed away from the music business in order to follow through with some other callings such as church leadership and church planting.

In 2016, Logan started a new podcast called The Edge Podcast w/ Scott Logan. The show is primarily an expositional Bible teaching show where each episode focuses on just a few scriptures at a time. What makes the show stand out from other Bible teaching shows is it’s delivery of humor and entertainment to get certain points across, and often what’s new in pop culture is a topic for discussion, often from a Christian worldview. The podcast is episodic and divided into “seasons” to allow breaks for Logan to continue work in other areas of life. So far the show has had two complete seasons with the first season featuring a study of the book of Ephesians and the second season featuring a study on James. The second season ended before Christmas 2017 and the next (third) season is not expected to launch until mid-2018.

The Return

With many new changes for Logan such as stepping out of church leadership and the hiatus of his podcast, Scott made the announcement on his podcast and on his personal Facebook page that in 2018 he would be returning to a full time music career. He posted on January 3rd, 2018 on his personal Facebook page:

With a guitar in one hand and a pen in the other I look down at a blank piece of paper that will soon have chords and lyrics on it. The last two years are behind me and what is before me is strange yet familiar at the same time. With now the support of my beautiful wife AND daughter, I’m laying all other occupations behind me to bottle all of my focus into the craft I love the most.
I’m consumed with joy and excitement to once again step back into the world of musical artistry. I’m thankful for this opportunity to re-invent what I do with new music, new tours, a new album, and new inspiration. God has brought me through so much while I’ve been away and He has shown me that through darkness, turbulence, wind, and rain He is… the God of the storm.
I want to thank my friends who have supported me along the way and have patiently waited for me to complete the tasks that God called me to do over the last two years. I’m looking forward to seeing old and new friends alike over the next year as I dive deep back into a full time music career. I’ll be continuing to ask all of you to keep me in your prayers. God is amazing and I’m looking forward to what He has planned for 2018.”

Scott made an intentional reference to the unreleased song, “God of the Storm” which he recorded with Roger Ryan years ago, because of his plans to finally release it as his “comeback single” in 2018.

In January 2018, Scott also began to write new songs for a full album release due later in 2018 and he is planning to hit the road with a new tour featuring the songs of that new project later in the year.