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Make sure to check out next week when we launch a brand new look to the website PLUS new pics, detailed news about Scott's brand new single, "God Of The Storm" and new music that Scott is recording himself. Also Scott will be focusing heavily on posting updates and studio pics on Twitter and Facebook so make sure to click the links to the left and subscribe!

As of today, Scott Logan launched a new Indiegogo campaign to raise the money to finally record a new single in Nashville with Grammy nominated and Juno award winning producer Roger Ryan! The campaign is up right now and the goal is only $3,500 which will cover the entire cost from start to finish to record this new single! Visit Scott's page on Indiegogo to see how you can help!


Scott Logan will be touring nationally for the first time since 2011 starting THIS Spring on The Back To Basics Tour! This tour will span over much of the eastern half of the U.S. and will carry into Fall 2013. "The name of the tour is based on the simplicity of the shows," says Scott Logan, "I'm at a place right now in my career where I believe it's time to take a step back before taking a huge leap forward and this tour is all about just getting back out there and sharing music, making connections and just meeting new people."

Keep checking back for more tour dates as they become available! For booking, visit the "Contact" page of the website.


You can now download FREE music from Scott Logan on NoiseTrade! In an effort to get his music in as many hands as possible Scott has released some of his favorite songs from the So Much More album on NoiseTrade so that you can listen and become a fan without it costing you anything.

If people want to make a donation towards Scott on NoiseTrade, you still can but it is not a requirement to download the music.

Go to NoiseTrade NOW and download the music! Click Here!


    It's been quiet for far too long here at! There's been talk of a few shows here and there as well as a Kickstarter project, but for the most part there has been mostly silence. Well we're happy to announce that the silence is over! Coming up in a matter of weeks we will be announcing a brand new national tour with Scott Logan as well as various special guest artists, as well as the new studio work that Scott is starting in mid December with Grammy and Dove nominated, Roger Ryan!

    Stay tuned to the website for some big end of the year news about what's coming up in 2013!

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