It’s been more than two years since Christian recording artist, Scott Logan stepped back from his music career to pursue other avenues such as family, podcasting, and church leadership, but with the beginning of a new year also comes a fresh new start for the 39 year old singer/songwriter.

Very rarely do you stay in the same season for your entire life.” says Logan. “I hit the point where I knew life was changing after the birth of my daughter and it was time to find new avenues of creativity so I could stay home to be the available father I needed to be. Things are changing again, and with a great support system around me, it’s time for me to step forward in my career to finish some unfinished business as well as create new things. Without a doubt, 2018 is the year to get back on the proverbial horse.

The new website is currently being designed and Logan is currently writing songs for a new album that he is set to record back in Tennessee. Scott will also be hitting the road later this Spring and Summer with soon to be announce concert dates.

For updates on the new album and tour dates keep checking back here at! The website is still currently being built, so keep checking back!